Arrowsmith approved as ‘Fit for Nuclear’

Recently, Arrowsmith has been approved as ‘Fit for Nuclear’ under the F4N Programme; this means that the company can now provide certified parts for the civil nuclear energy industry. As part of this approval, Arrowsmith has instated a business action plan that will inform and educate the workforce and allow the company to conform to the requirements needed for nuclear industry.

Arrowsmith has also established a Commitment Charter in order to facilitate and instil good practice; as Fit for Nuclear certified the company will:

  • Ensure nuclear safety is the overriding priority
  • Apply rigorous standards for health, safety, security and protection of the environment
  • Maintain the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethical practice
  • Commit to continuous improvement and knowledge-sharing for mutual benefit
  • Engage constructively with other parties and treat them as Arrowsmith would wish to be treated
  • Act at all times to protect and maintain the reputation of the industry and other F4N companies
  • Foster and encourage a questioning attitude and ethos throughout the business.


F4N - Fit 4 Nuclear

Posted by dreamsca / Posted on 06 Sep