Arrowsmith technology and investment

In the last 12 months Arrowsmith have invested considerably to increase capability, capacity and quality of service. We thought it prudent to update our customers on our capability improvements.

Since January 1st 2018 Arrowsmith are part of the AS.G group with the added stability and financial backing this brings. The three year plan is to grow the Arrowsmith turnover from the £5.6m in 2017 -2018 to £10m in 2020 – 2021.

The Arrowsmith site can accommodate growth with factory space presently available for a further nine machines.

The investment and improvements shown below are to ensure continued capability and capacity improvement. It will also contribute towards the Cost Down improvement programme presently underway and produce competitive production level pricing.


Two new CNC Axial CMM machines and a TesaScan 52 have been purchased. These are housed in the recently completed  Inspection laboratory (with improved LED lighting system and temperature control).

New Inspection Laboratory1New Inspection Laboratory

New Inspection LaboratoryNew Inspection Laboratory


Two new 5 axis machining centres (bed size 750 x 450 x 350) and a new 4th axis machine have been installed.

We now have three 5 axis machining centres and three 4th axis centres. The remaining seven machining centres are 2 and 3 axis.  A new Turn/Mill Y axis machine is due mid 2018 adding to the two existing multi axis Turn/Mill centres (450 x 450 production size).

A further 9 CNC lathes are housed in the Turning cell including a Thread rolling section and RR approved Thread test laboratory.





Improvements have been made in the NADCAP approved NDT department for Dye Penetrant and Magnetic particle testing. The new Category 4 Degreaser is fully commissioned and can use trichoethylene or converted to perpoethylene.

Further newly constructed sections include a standalone Despatch area and a FOD cleaning section with new aqueous washer for trays etc.

In 2018 we are looking to get NADCAP approval for Thread Roll testing and Rolls-Royce approvals for various forming and riveting services.

FOD Cleaning AreaFOD Cleaning Area



Employee skill level continues to rise  – We have employed 2 extra CAD CAM programmers with experience in 5 axis milling and advanced turning. Also there have been internal promotions to Turning NPI Engineer and Milling Tooling engineer.

Our training schemes are paying dividends with the full time employment of one of the 2017 interns as a Quality Engineer (we take on three a year) and the completion of two apprenticeships in Grinding and 5 axis milling (we take on two further apprentices from the MTC in 2018).

We have an experienced General Manager in Martin Porter and he oversees an extensive Engineering Office that now houses the following teams: Quality (Headed by Quality Manager David Bell), Production (headed by General Manager Martin Porter), NPI (headed by NPI Manager Robert Webb) and the Commercial Section (headed by Commercial Manager Phil Wootton).

The commercial department has now a dedicated Cost down engineer reporting directly to the Managing Director. Along with the Engineering department he has been working in 2018 on Engineering improvements to pass onto our customers.

We are also presently recruiting a new additional Estimator to improve our response time for RFQ’s.




Performance recognition and Research

In the last 12 months Arrowsmith have achieved SC21 Silver, Fit for Nuclear recognition and completed the NMCL National Manufacturing assessment (which is the forerunner of the SC21 advanced Competitive and Growth).

Two national research projects have been submitted. One collaboration with the MTC and BAE, the second is a NATEP project.


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